General Information Regarding our Safe and Easy-to-Use Heart Defibrillators

Regarding: Heart Defibrillators for your Facilities

As a company dedicated to heart safety, we are thankful for this opportunity to provide you the equipment and services helpful in increasing the standard of care for your employees, customers and guests by placing heart defibrillators throughout your office locations. By making these safe and easy-to-use devices available, you will dramatically increase the chances for survival for someone suffering a sudden cardiac arrest. Our heart defibrillators were specifically designed so that almost anyone with the proper training can use them successfully. American Med Supply works closely with LifeGuard Medical Solutions to provide certified training services and Professional Management Systems. We offer our clients the highest quality medical products, the certified training instructions recognized by theAmerican Heart Association (AHA), and the inhouse professional medical services of Dr. John C. Frist. By providing all of these services from one source, we allow our clients a simple and affordable defibrillation solution. Thank you again for your interest and we certainly appreciate this opportunity to earn your business. For further information on our products and services, please feel free to contact us today!

Tim Fogarty

American Med Supply is a national provider of Heart Defibrillators and offer Cardiac Safety Programs designed "To Help Save Lives" We are always working to educate our community about the safety benefits of having Heart Defibrillators readily available in the event of a medical emergency. Below are some questions you may have:

Why do our office facilities need Heart Defibrillators?

Because "Heart Defibrillators Save Lives". Heart Disease is the Number 1 killer of Americans, taking the lives of over 300,000 of our family, friends and neighbors each year. The national statistics are staggering-when someone suffers a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, the survival rate is only 5%. In other words, out of twenty people, only one will survive. By having a Heart Defibrillator available, you may help increase someone's chance for survival by as much as 90%!!

How do we acquire a Heart Defibrillator and what are our responsibilities?

American Med Supply will ship the Defibrillator and related Accessory Items directly to your office. Everything will arrive to you fully ready-for-use. Once you receive your shipment, you will receive a Free In-Service Instructional Lesson from one of our knowledgeable staff at LifeGuard Medical Solutions.

Why do we need a Physician's Prescription and how much will it cost?

As the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies a Heart Defibrillator as a Medical Device, most states require you have a Physician's Prescription to purchase. LifeGuard Medical Solutions has an On-Staff Medical Director (Dr. John C. Frist, MD) who will provide you and/or your business the necessary prescription.

How will we be trained to use the Heart Defibrillator?

While a Heart Defibrillator is very simple to operate (complete with voice prompts to guide you through a rescue), proper training remains a very important component. LifeGuard Medical Solutions is a National Training Provider for the American Heart Association (AHA) and will schedule a convenient time (including nights/weekends) to go onsite to train your staff. As some locations may be too expensive for us to travel, we will assist you to find a qualified Instructor from a local chapter of the AHA. Training costs are usually around $45-$55 per student (with a 10-student minimum).

Do we need to worry about monitoring the Heart Defibrillator?

Yes - But maintaining our defibrillators is VERY SIMPLE. While our defibrillators have built-in safeguards and perform self-analysis tests, a routine monitoring of the device is advised to ensure it is always ready-for-use. Our defibrillators are very simple to maintain - you simply perform a visual verification of the self test indicator. Other than the visual check, you only need to make sure that the batteries and pads are not beyond their expiration dates. As part of the Annual Maintenance Agreement (an option which most of our clients purchase), LifeGuard Medical Solutions will monitor not only the expiration dates of your batteries, pads and training certifications, but will also provide a 24-hour Customer Support Protection Plan.

Early Defibrillation Program Management

Managing an Early Defibrillation Program can become an overwhelming and complicated process. From monitoring the expiration dates of batteries and electrode pads, to overseeing the recertification training schedules of employees, to implementing emergency protocols, managing a program alone can become a challenging task.

"Our job is to make your job easier"

Our systems are designed to offer a Complete Turn-Key AED Solution, with fully comprehensive and easy to manage services which include the components necessary to help make an Early Defibrillation Program a success. The following are the components which make up our AED Management Systems:

A one-of-a-kind, web-based AED Management Program which is designed to track and monitor AED's, review the training certifications of Emergency Response Teams, and completely manage Early Defibrillation Programs.

A Medical Direction Program which offers initial Physician's Prescriptions, as well as Medical Oversight Services and Governmental Compliance and Emergency Protocols.

A Complete Turn-Key AED Solution System which combines both the AED Management and Medical Direction Programs.

Program Descriptions

What is webAED?

webAED is a fully-comprehensive and easy-to-use Web-Based AED Management & Tracking System. This service enables the user the ability to easily add/edit data, view important AED information, generate reports, and completely manage a specific Early Defibrillation Program. One important feature, which is greatly appreciated by our clients, involves the automatic e-mail notifications sent whenever batteries or pads are near expiration, or whenever employees are to be scheduled for their CPR/AED re-certification. Furthermore, whenever these products or training services need to be ordered, the user can simply place an order directly off the site, and the information can be emailed to the designated product and/or service providers. No software is required - the user simply goes to our website and enters an assigned username and password.

Price: 1 year $350, 3 year $750 (best value)

What is MD-AED?

MD-AED provides your Early Defibrillation Program with Professional Medical Oversight Services. These services help to protect you and your business from liability under the Good Samaritan Law, and allow you to maintain compliance with all federal, state and local governmental regulations. Included with this package are the initial Physician's Prescription(s) to purchase your AED(s), as well as the on-going Medical Oversight Direction. No physician is required-we have our own licensed, on-staff Medical Director, Dr. John C. Frist, MD

Price: 1 year $150, 3 year $300 (best value)

What is webAED+Plus

webAED+Plus provides your Defibrillation Program with a Complete Turn-Key AED Management Solution. This combined package offers all the advantages of the Management and Tracking System (webAED), as well as the Professional Medical Oversight Services (MD-AED). To "turn-the-key" and begin your Defibrillation Program, simply subscribe to this Total Solution Package-It's that easy!

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