Philips PFE7023D Defibrillator Cabinet (semi-recessed)
Product SKU : PFE7023D
Brand : Philips
Retail Price : $469
Price : $469.00
Philips PFE7023D Defibrillator Cabinet (semi-recessed)

The Defibrillator Cabinet, constructed of heavy gauge steel and tempered glass, protects your defibrillator from theft and the elements. Equipped with an audible alarm and flashing lights (powered by two 9-volt alkaline batteries), the Cabinet attracts attention to mobilize assistance during a cardiac emergency or deter theft. Opening the Cabinet's door activates the audible alarm and lights. For locations where a siren is inappropriate, the audible alarm can be disabled. In buildings with a central security system, your facilities people, or alarm company, can connect the cabinet alarm to your system for a more coordinated response to a cardiac emergency. The alarm can also be connected to a programmable auto-dialer. The Cabinet is available in two styles: a wall surface mounted Cabinet, for easy installation without cutting into walls, and a semi-recessed model, that is inserted into a wall cut-out, for a less obtrusive look.

The semi-recessed model is appropriate where Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations are a consideration.

* The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that objects not protrude more than 4 inches into foot traffic areas of open aisles and walkways unless the object's bottom edge is no higher than 27 inches from the ground.


  • The device complies with the requirements of the Medical Device Directive, 93/42/EEC.
  • Dimensions Inside compartment: 14" x 22.5" x 6", footprint on wall: 16.5" x 24.5" x 2.5" (meets ADA guidelines)
  • Material Solid Steel Construction
  • Packaging 1 unit
  • Power Two 9V alkaline batteries, not included (typical service life approximately 18 to 22 months) powers 30 second alarm and flashing lights supporting security feature.
  • Package Weight 13.608kg

Use With Philips Medical Instruments M5066A, E, S, EM, 940010XX, 940020XX, 940030XX, M3860A, M3861A, M3840A, M3841A

American Med Supply is an Authorized Philips Healthcare Distributor.

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